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In May this year, i'm joining a group of 4 amazing humans to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) the English Channel!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a brand new activity for me to learn and I guess that's why I wanted to say yes to it.

If you say yes, you've committed, you're doing it! Let's worry about learning how to do it later!

My amazing friend Elisabeth invited me to the team and since then we've been encouraging eachother to get fit and get trained up ready!

To make this extra special, I also turn the big 30 the week we are due to paddle so i'm doubly excited!

Between now and then i'll be heading outside to train on a paddle board all thanks to our amazing sponsors: 'Two Bare Feet' who have kindly supplied our brightly coloured epic wetsuits, our team paddle board and a super light-weight carbon fibre paddle.


I believe that if you really fancy the idea of something, you should say yes! Even if you don't know how to do it! We are always learning right!

You'll see from the photo that the wonderful humans i'm joining are just as bonkers as me and that's what it's all about! Dropping any ego's and just having fun in the great outdoors!

Modern day finds many people indoors and trapped in a routine. Try where possible to live by the minute and #getoutside


Keep an eye out for updates on here to hear all about my adventures! Or better still - join me on them!!!


P.S I really reccomend you try out paddle-boarding, it's so much fun!

On Saturday 12th May, i'll be leading a group of amazing and committed humans up Snowdon! I'm so excited to meet some like-minded and adventurous souls!

We will be taking the Pyg-Track to the summit in time for a quick coffee in the cafe before heading back down to be home safely for tea!

I love mountains. I love sharing my love for mountains! Being up high, on top of nature gives me goosebumps. I've never really known exacly why but I think a part of it is because I feel truly alive when i'm heading up there and i'm above all the fast-paced chaos underneath.

The views are spectaluar on any mountain if the weather is right. That's every reason to go up there! Take it all in, clear your head and realise how tiny we are on this amazing planet that we are so lucky to be on!


The mountains, just like any other place in nature, strip you back to reality. It's just you and the mountain up there, focus becomes safety, breathing becomes the only necessity and control is up to you and mother nature. You have to think quickly, stay calm but at the same time enjoy every minute of it!


Nature doesn't discriminate, you live or you die. I like that the most of all. By all means take the risk and live on the edge but remember to be safe not only for youselves but your loved ones too.


Afterall, life is but one grand adventure.

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