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Survive or thirve in lockdown? You choose.

By Anna Humphries, Jun 16 2020 11:55AM

Lockdown has been a tough time for so many!

It's been a mega mix of emotions. Some may say it's like survival.

Many people are working frontline and not seeing a day go by without a rest. others have a family to sort where kids are home all day and missing school friends. Some are juggling work at home with parenting 24/7. Then there's the furloughed who are no doubt feeling anxious and lost. There are people who have lost jobs and got into debt. Families who haven't seen eachother in weeks and the unfortunate moments where some have even lost their loved ones.

But in all of these circumstances, there is one thing that still stands the same for us all. That is the great outdoors. Getting outside is a MUST to find calm in the storm. Sitting quietly listening to the birds, perhaps a gentle walk near a riverside or a cycle ride to the countryside.

Sometimes it's just taking off those shoes and feeling the grass beneath your feet. Breathing in fresh air and being fully grounded to that one moment in time as we continue to fly through the universe.

There is no denying this lockdown has been difficult but focusing on the positives is the best thing we can do now. We have found ways to work at home on virtual meetings, we have reduced the carbon footprint from travel, we have had more time with our loved ones, we have learnt how to appreciate home cooking again, we have pulled together to make things work, we have exercised more, we are GRATEFUL. Grateful that our lungs are healthy, our family is safe, our planet is healing...

So instead of just trying to survive these moments, why not try to thrive in them?

If you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up, get outside and have some adventures!

I decided to ask YOU what I should do.

Together we came up with 18 awesome activites in the outdors that is safe and accessible, as well as free, for all to do.

Take a look at my video here!

My top 5 from the list are:

1. Catch a fish

2. Climb a tree

3. Camp out in a tent

4. Chill out in a hammock

5. Do some night navigation

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand" - Randy Pausch

A great quote I am going to leave you with for the day!

Have fun and share your adventures with me!