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The National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) and Young Navigator Award Scheme (YNAS) was launched in 1994 at the Royal Institute of Navigation in London, and since then over 50,000 people of all ages have gained awards.


It offers incentive awards for navigational competence, starting in Schools and progressing to the open countryside.


The scheme builds up your map and compass skills, opening up a safe doorway to adventure in the outdoors.


Whether you're a child or adult, we have courses to suit everyone



NNAS awards


There are 3 levels of Awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold.


YNAS awards


The Young Navigator Award is for younger participants. It is designed so it can be completed within schools or nearby sites.


It is open to boys and girls of all levels of physical and mental ability including those with specific disabilities.


It simply requires an accurate large scale school map and integration into the intra- or extra- curricular teaching programme.


The Young Navigator Award fits easily into the National Curriculum for PE, Geography and Maths as well as taking map and compass skills into the world outside school.


The award of certificates and badges for each stage of skill acquisition reinforces and motivates learning.


Children can reach for the stars with a certificate and badge!


One Star (Bronze)

Make simple maps of interior and exterior building features.

Undertake journeys around the inside and outside of a building using a map.

Orientate the map at different locations.


Two Star (Silver)

Follow a defined route around a large school grounds or small park using prominent paths or tracks.

Orientate the map against handrails and major point features at regular intervals.

Understand the use of basic map symbols.

Discover and investigate points of interest during the journey.


Three Star (Gold)

Plan and follow a journey around a large area using prominent paths, tracks or roads.

Identify prominent collecting features on map and ground.

Discover and investigate points of interest during the journey.

Understand basic walking safety issues.



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